Orwell-R perimeter and territory guarding radar system

Orwell-R perimeter and territory guarding radar system is designed for round-the-clock all-weather guarding of objects and their approaches by means of radar surveillance. Orwell-R radar system detects moving targets at a distance of 1600 meters for people and up to 3000 meters for vehicles in an arbitrary viewing sector.

Orwell-R radar system is unique in that it is capable of not only detecting moving targets but also of classifying them (a human, a group of people, a vehicle, a vessel, a train, a heavy traffic area), tracking their movement, determining their exact location, speed and movement direction using software. Orwell-R radar system enables guarding the perimeter and the territory of an object. The integrated security system can accommodate an unlimited number of radar systems, video and thermal imaging surveillance equipment operating in a single IT environment. Integration of the system with video and thermal imaging equipment is a basic function of the system, which provides video automatic capturing of targets and alarm events.

Orwell-R equipment configuration

  • Orwell-R radar system;
  • antenna;
  • antenna protection dome;
  • server;
  • software of the operator computer workplace.

Interface Orwell-R

Orwell-R characteristics

The optimum functioning of Orwell-R radar system is provided through flexible tuning of the viewing zone parameters (the range bracket and the azimuth sector) and algorithms of automatic detection, recognition and determining target coordinates in accordance with peculiar features of the guarded object as well as short-time and long-time (seasonal) changes in surveillance conditions.

The short-range mode is optimized for small-size objects and provides the minimum blind area (30 m), the maximum instrumented range being 1000 m.

The long-range mode provides the best performance at detecting small-size targets (humans in the first place) at a distance of up to 1000 m, vehicles – at a distance of up to 1500 m.

The double range mode is recommended for large objects (hydroelectric dams, sea ports) and implies automatic detection and tracking of large targets (vessels, heavy vehicles) at a distance of up to 3000 m while keeping the optimum performance of small target detection.

The combined mode maximizes the distance of small target detection by means of simultaneous use of several signal types and continuous viewing of the short range and long range brackets. It is recommended to be used with small (up to 120 degrees) azimuth coverage.

Parameter Short-range mode Long-range mode Double range mode Combined mode
Parameters of automatic detection
Types of targetsA human, a vehicle, surface targets
Hardware range bracket, m 30–920 150–1450 150–2870 150–3000
Minimum detection range, m 30 150 150 150
Maximum human detection range*, m 500 1100 1000 1600
Maximum vehicle detection range**, m 920 1450 1450 3000
Maximum detection range for heavy vehicles, ships and boats***, m 920 1450 2870 3000
Minimum target radial speed, m/s 0,3 0,3 0,3 0,3
Maximum radial speed, m/s30 - for small-size*** targets, unlimited - for the others
Target parameter measurement errors
Range error, m, max. 6 2 4 for distances up to 1000 m; 4 for distances above 1000 m
Azimuth error, deg, max. 1 1 1 1
Radial speed error, m/s, max. 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5
Full speed vector measurement capabilityYes, by means of trajectory extrapolation
Viewing zone parameters
Method of azimuth viewingMechanical scanning (rotating)
Azimuth size of the viewing zone, deg10–36010–360 (recommended value 120 max.)
Scanning radial (rotation) speed, deg/s10–200, optimum: 4010–200, optimum: 20
Secondary processing and system capabilities
Target class recognitionA human, a group of people, a vehicle, a surface target, a train
Tracing and autotrackingAutotracking at passage and tracing all detected targets
Alarm zonesAlarm zones of an arbitrary form with an operating time and visual and audio alerting capabilities; alarm event logging by the operator
PTZ video camera controlManual, semi automatic (by identifying a point on the map), automatic by the fact of target detection, automatic target tracking capability
ArchiveSynchronized radar and video archive
Integration capabilitiesIntegration of several radar systems into a single IT environment (displaying on a single map at the operator computer workplace), integration with video surveillance and alarm systems, remote operator workplace capability including mobile device usage

* Scattering cross section more than 0.5 sqm, radial speed more than 0.3 m/s

** Scattering cross section more than 10 sqm, radial speed more than 0.3 m/s

*** Scattering cross section more than 40 sqm, radial speed more than 0.3 m/s

The system is applied in the following areas
Perimeter guarding
Mobile guard and intelligence posts



  • round-the-clock all-weather operation;
  • Orwell-R radar system does not interfere with the operation of air navigation equipment;
  • Orwell-R meets the requirements of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on radar stations;
  • the level of electromagnetic interference meets the sanitary rules and regulations;
  • no special authorization needed for using Orwell-R radar system.
  • detecting moving targets at a distance of up to 3000 meters;
  • measuring the distance, azimuth and speed of the targets;
  • classification of targets (a human, a group of people, a vehicle, a vessel, a train, a heavy traffic area);
  • target autotracking;
  • integration with video and thermal imaging equipment, control by map;
  • target video capturing;
  • manual control of video and thermal imaging equipment;
  • creating alarm zones;
  • synchronized radar and video camera archive;
  • searching the archive by events and time periods;
  • automatic monitoring of operating capability of the system;
  • binding the radar map to the topographic map of the territory.

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