Thermal imaging all-round locator

Philin is an automatic system of round-the-clock all-weather guarding of object territories and their approaches by means of continuous thermal imaging and video surveillance. Philin thermal imaging locator serves for building fixed hardware-software security complexes. The system includes Orwell 2k custom-made software with computer vision which enables round-the-clock all-weather target detection, tracking and classification (a human, a vehicle, etc.).

The operator sets the required security zone for scanning on the graphic map of the object using touch input or mouse pointing device in the software being a part of Philin thermal imaging locator. The viewing sectors to be cyclically scanned by the sensor (a thermal imaging camera or a thermal imaging camera with a video camera) are calculated automatically. Philin thermal imaging all-round locator detects and classifies targets automatically, informs the operator about them by means of audio-visual signals and displays the targets on the electronic map of the object in the form of mnemonic symbols (VideoAnalyticMap proprietary technology).

All targets detected by Philin thermal imaging locator are displayed in the alarm event processing window where the operator can view the video record with an alarm event and video fragments preceding and following its detection as well as choose from the options of further processing. The video data are saved to the archive automatically.

Philin thermal imaging locators differ in target detection range: short-range, medium-range and long-range. Each model can be supplied in two modifications: with a thermal imaging sensor or a combination of thermal imaging and video sensors.

Philin equipment configuration

The equipment configuration depends on the object and territory being guarded.

Basic equipment configuration:

  • thermal imaging camera;
  • video camera (optional);
  • PTZ platform;
  • weatherproof data processing and analysis unit (IP-66);
  • operator computer workplace with pre-installed software.

Standard models with one type sensor may be supplemented with several options expanding the functionality of the product:

  • additional optical target detection sensor;
  • changing standard thermal imaging sensors for thermal imaging cameras with continuous zoom or double coverage sector.

The options allow upgrading the thermal imaging locator to a thermooptical locator by means of adding another sensor, or changing a standard thermal imaging sensor for a thermal imaging camera with extended functionality.

Interface Philin

Philin characteristics



Detection range

(automatic mode) by human

Detection range

(automatic mode) by vehicle

Detection range

(manual mode) by human

Detection range

(manual mode) by vehicle

Short range

Philin - 400

up to 100м

up to 450м

up to 400м

up to 880м

Philin  - 1000

up to 200м

up to 1000 м

up to 1000м

up to 2250 м

Medium range

Philin - 1500

up to 300м

up to 1500 м

up to 1500м

up to 3900 м

Philin - 2000

up to 500м

up to 2300 м

up to 2100м

up to 4800 м

Long range

Philin - 2500

up to 700м

up to 3000 м

up to 2450м

up to 6000 м

Parameter Value
Number of video sources up to 2
Number of PTZ devices 1 max.
Maximum guarding sector unlimited
Maximum recording speed 25 fps
Recording modes continuous
Networking capability yes
PTZ device control modes by coordinates / by presets
PTZ device and video camera control functions pan/tilt/zoom

Пользователи локатора «Филин»

The system is applied in the following areas
Perimeter guarding
Mobile guard and intelligence posts



  • detecting targets by sea and by land in natural jamming environment (fog, vegetation, light condition changes, insects in the frame, flashing by automobile headlights, vibration, etc.);
  • advanced Orwell 2k thermal imaging analytics for thermal imaging cameras;
  • guarding a large territory using one thermal imaging camera on a PTZ platform instead of several fixed ones;
  • minimizing the negative impact of the human factor while working with PTZ cameras;
  • automatic alerting about alarm events;
  • displaying events on the map;
  • intelligent archive;
  • unique control elements;
  • interface optimized for devices with touch input.
  • automatic control of a sensor (a thermal imaging camera or a thermal imaging camera and a video camera) on a PTZ platform;
  • manual control of a sensor on the interactive ground map and in the video image using the virtual joystick or MultiTouch gestures on devices with touch control;
  • automatic resetting a thermal imaging camera from the manual control mode to the guarding mode;
  • automatic target classification using Orwell 2k computer vision algorithms;
  • instant replay of a video fragment with an alarm event;
  • visual and audio alerting of the operator about detected alarm events;
  • alarm manual processing capability;
  • playing the archive back in forward and backward directions;
  • searching the archive by date, time or alarm events;
  • support of big (hundreds of km) multi-level maps;
  • exporting the archive of the required length;
  • quick and simple installation and setting using the built-in wizard;
  • pre-installed profiles of computer vision algorithms;
  • client-server architecture;
  • up-to-date ergonomic and adjustable interface;
  • control using MultiTouch gestures or mouse pointing device;
  • low operator and administrator requirements.

If you are interested in purchasing Philin,
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