Statistics 3D

Customer counting video system

Statistics 3D is a high-accuracy customer counting system based on video analysis. Statistics 3D is one of the most efficient people counting system in queuing traffic conditions.

An important feature of Statistics 3D counting video system is a capability of filtering objects by height. The user can choose whether to count people, animals, etc.

Statistics 3D stands out for its simple installation, equipment set, principle of operation and affordable price. All elements of the system are embedded in the camera.

Statistics 3D equipment configuration

The camera contains all the elements of the system.


Характеристики видеосчетчика посетителей Statistics Dome

Наименование параметра Значение
Оперативная память, Гб 1
Постоянная память, Гб 8
Размер корпуса:
диаметр, мм
высота, мм

Вес, г, не более 300
Питание PoE 802.3af, class 0
Веб-сервер встроенный
Совместимые браузеры Mozilla Firefox от 17.0,
Google Chrome от 23.0,
Safari от 6.0
Internet Explorer 8.0, 9.0, 10.0
Скорость передачи данных Ethernet 10T/100TX
Максимальное количество кадров в секунду 25
Точность подсчета посетителей 98%

Пользователи видеосчетчика посетителей Statistics Dome



  • cameras contain all the elements of the system;
  • customer counting based on Orwell 2k video analysis algorithms;
  • contemporary design;
  • attendance reporting and graphing;
  • networking capability;
  • power supply over PoE;
  • embedded web-server;
  • attractive price.
Customer counting systems are well-known to be in demand for counting customers in points of sale. Owing to powerful 3D video analysis algorithms developed by ELVEES Neo-Tek, Statistics 3D counting video system can be applied in any queuing traffic conditions. Statistics 3D can be applied for passenger counting in public transportation, in the underground, etc.

If you are interested in purchasing Statistics 3D,
please, contact:

Denis Rossal

8(495) 648-7823
ext. 3838

Sales manager