Biometric network access control and time & attendance system

Senesys is a complex access control system which is designed for access control automation at the guarded object as well as time and attendance accounting using identification of a person by fingerprint, proximity card, pin-code or face.

Senesys system controls doors, turnstiles and lifting gates. After identification of a person by fingerprint, proximity card or pin-code (additional facial identification is also possible) the system grants access to registered employees and denies access to unauthorized or non-registered people.

Senesys is a network system, but if the connection between the server and access points is lost, it switches to the off-line mode automatically. The system operates in the off-line mode without loss of information in the event log.

For companies with a multidivisional structure the on-line data exchange between the central office and remote branches is performed using the "Replication manager" application. Senesys system provides the central office with complete and objective information about the functioning of the remote branches.

Senesys system records arrivals and departures as well as real attendance time. The system calculates late arrivals and excess hours according to the occupational calendar, working schedule and personal shift plan of each employee and/or department. All information is collected in a single "Event log" which serves as a basis for forming reports of all kinds (including the "Time recording sheet").

The program has an "electronic filing" function for storing personal data of each corporate employee. It is easy to add, edit or delete information.

The system equipment

Senesys is a network system and its functionality is distributed among the equipment comprising the system. The system is capable of scaling and task upgrading if necessary. Senesys system is open for integration with devices of other vendors.


  • a control computer;
  • access terminals for user authorization;
  • biometric scanner for user registration;
  • network controller;
  • controller units;
  • USB-RS 485 interface adapters;
  • executive devices;
  • security key.


Senesys characteristics

Parameter Value
Identification Fingerprint, proximity card, pin-code. Face – additional identifier
Number of Senesys access terminals in one network segment up to 31
Number of network segments per one control computer up to 8
Number of users unlimited
FAR - False Acceptance Rate set in options, from 10-3 to 10-9
Server software environment Windows Professional ХР
Actuation device Electromechanical lock or latch, turnstile, lifting gate
Peripheral power supply 12 V

System users



  • complex identification of a system client by a set of attributes;
  • a single database for geographically dispersed companies;
  • off-line operating capability;
  • flexible settings for ensuring higher security;
  • quick and simple procedure for initial user registration;
  • compliance with the police requirements;
  • recommended for providing private security services.
  • access control;
  • identifiers – a fingerprint, a card, a pin-code;
  • face as an additional identifier;
  • identification by a set of attributes;
  • time & attendance accounting.

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