Motor vehicle passage check system with license plate number recognition and vehicle appearance verification

Senesys-Avto is a system for automation of vehicle passage check as well as check of vehicle presence on the guarded territory.

A surveillance camera mounted at the checkpoint registers an approaching vehicle. The video data are transmitted to the ‘Auto-Number’ server where the license plate number is analysed after pre-processing the received video image. The recognized license plate number of the vehicle as well as the information about the license plate type and the identifier of the corresponding channel are transmitted to a server of Senesys system.

Senesys system checks whether the approached vehicle is in the database. If it is registered and has a right to pass, a command to open the lifting gate will be given, otherwise it will be proposed to add the vehicle to the database, open the executive device manually or deny access.

The event of passage as well as all operator’s actions are recorded in the event log.

The appearance verification module connected to Senesys system prevents manipulations with license plate numbers. The image of a vehicle received from a video surveillance camera is compared to the image of the vehicle to which the recognized license plate number belongs according to the database. If the images do not match, a warning is sent to the operator.


Senesys-Avto characteristics

Parameter Value
Probability of recognition of clean and contrast license plate numbers (complying with Vienna Convention on Road Traffic) more than 99 %
Probability of recognition in a real traffic flow more than 95 %
Maximum allowed vehicle speed in the control zone 150 km/h (flow version)
20 km/h (parking version)
Size of the license plate in the image height of big symbols — 14–27 pixels;
width of the license plate — 120–180 pixels
Illumination in the area of the license plate (when using visible light sources) 50 lx min.
up to 30°
up to 30°
Allowed following distance for passenger cars 3 m (camera tilt 30°)
Allowed following distance for load-carrying vehicles 7 m (camera tilt 30°)

System users



  • a single database with the personnel access control system;
  • license plate number recognition and verification of vehicles by appearance;
  • license plate number recognition probability - 98% min.;
  • license plate number recognition at high sighting angles (up to 45°).
  • keeping a database of clients and vehicles with detailed information about the vehicles (make, model, color, etc.) and people authorized to drive them;
  • identification of vehicles by the recognized license plate number and/or a proximity card, additional verification by appearance;
  • automatic access to the territory providing the identified vehicle has the required rights. Capability of manual control of executive devices;
  • logging information about vehicle passage including freeze frames, date, time and reason for giving access (for example, operator’s command);
  • checking vehicle presence on the territory and parking time accounting. Detailed reporting.
  • контроль присутствия транспортных средств на территории и подсчет времени стоянки. Формирование детализированных отчетов.

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