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28 january 2016 

Statistics 3D: accuracy, originality, manufacturability!

ELVEES-NeoTek announces the release of renewed Statistics 3D customer counting video systems.

ELVEES-NeoTek presents renewed 3D customer counting video systems which are even more efficient. People counting algorithms, hardware design and counter calibration operation were renewed, which enabled counting accuracy improvements.

The tests showed that renewed Statistics 3D customer video counters provide counting accuracy close to 100% under typical conditions.

24 counters were tested under typical conditions. There were from 400 to 1000 passages in and out at each counter (more than 16k passages at all counters in total). The ratio of registered passages to the actual ones for the devices being tested was not less than 99.5%. False passages were not registered.

Statistical analysis shows that provided the confidence figure is 95% the counting accuracy of each device under typical conditions is not less than 98.5%.

Statistics 3D customer video counter is a stereoscopic camera with embedded 3D video analysis for high-accuracy counting of people at objects with high human flow density and difficult conditions.

Statistics 3D customer video counter was designed for counting people at places with high human flow density and under difficult conditions, for example:

  • in transport;
  • at stadiums;
  • in cinemas;
  • in public places, etc.
Unique counting algorithms using 3D technologies allow counting people moving in the set direction even in dense human flow.

Owing to embedded 3D computer vision algorithms Statistics 3D customer video counter forms a stereoscopic image of an object taking into account its height, which allows discarding children, baby prams, trolley shopping bags, pets, etc.

These capabilities enable Statistics 3D to produce most accurate information about potential customers and traffic.