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12 august 2016 

Strategic partnership of ELVEES-NeoTek and Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation

ELVEES-NeoTek and EHCAAN airport and air navigation holding company belonging to the Ministry of Civil Aviation of Egypt agreed about strategic partnership.

EHCAAN airport and air navigation holding company was established by Presidential Edict 72/2001. Providing security at airports of Egypt is one of the key tasks of the company.

Negotiations of EHCAAN and ELVEES-NeoTek leaders took place as part of Russian business mission in Egypt. The Egyptian party described their tasks on providing security at airports and their premises and ELVEES-NeoTek presented their perspective on modernization of integrated airport security systems based on their rich experience of supplying security systems for airports and other airport objects.

As a result of the meeting the companies agreed about strategic partnership.

I.A. Pominov, the Director General of ELVEES-NeoTek, JSC and Ismail Aboulezz, the President of EHCAAN