Secure City

The aim of building and developing "Secure City" hardware-software complex is improvement of public security and order by means of deployment of a complex information system as part of municipal organizations. The system is to provide forecasting, monitoring, prevention and elimination of possible threats as well as control of remedial actions after emergencies and breaches of law.

The main task of building and developing the complex is forming a single communication platform providing information exchange at the national, regional and municipal levels through information space taking into account access rights differentiation.

The video surveillance system serves for law enforcement and crime prevention in the city area. The system provides automatic event registration and video analysis, video stream analysis, moving objects positioning, etc. in a real-time mode

The "Secure City" program involves creating an intellectual transport system for ensuring road and transportation safety. The system should provide automatic capturing of traffic safety rule violations, video analysis of incidents, intellectual traffic light control, parking space management, billing, etc.

Orwell 2k

Analytic surveillance system

Orwell 2k analytic surveillance system is designed for automatic detection and classification of targets (people, vehicles, etc.) and situations (ignition, abandoned objects, etc.) as well as for transmitting video information to the operator in a real-time mode.