Perimeter guarding

A "virtual perimeter" concept has recently appeared on the market of security systems. The virtual perimeter implies moving the line of trespasser detection hundreds of meters away from the object. This has two reasons: firstly, detecting trespassers at the approaches to the perimeter gives the guards time to prepare for attack, secondly, the actual intrusion of the object is usually preceded by an intelligence phase when the trespassers are preparing the intrusion. The virtual perimeter technology prevents such a dangerous situation in advance.

ELVEES-NeoTek security systems based on computer vision, thermal imaging analysis and radar surveillance operate taking into account the virtual perimeter concept and provide a high level of security at the object and perimeter guarding.

Orwell 2k analytic surveillance system, Filin thermal imaging all-round locator and Orwell-R perimeter and territory guarding radar system are used for guarding the perimeter of objects.


Thermal imaging all-round locator

Filin is an automatic system of round-the-clock all-weather guarding of object territories and their approaches by means of continuous thermal imaging and video surveillance.
Filin thermal imaging locator serves for building fixed hardware-software security complexes. The system includes Orwell 2k custom-made software with computer vision which enables round-the-clock all-weather target detection, tracking and classification (a human, a vehicle, etc.).

Orwell 2k

Analytic surveillance system

Orwell 2k analytic surveillance system is designed for automatic detection and classification of targets (people, vehicles, etc.) and situations (ignition, abandoned objects, etc.) as well as for transmitting video information to the operator in a real-time mode.


Perimeter and territory guarding radar system

Orwell-R perimeter and territory guarding radar system is designed for round-the-clock all-weather guarding of objects and their approaches by means of radar surveillance. Orwell-R radar system detects moving targets at a distance of 1600 meters for people and up to 3000 meters for vehicles in an arbitrary viewing sector.