Mobile guard and intelligence posts

ELVEES-NeoTek offers solutions for automatic round-the-clock all-weather surveillance and organizing mobile guard and intelligence posts.

Systems by ELVESS-NeoTek detect and track targets (a human, a group of people, vehicles and vessels) by means of continuous video, thermal imaging and radar surveillance for violation detection and prevention.


Thermal imaging all-round locator

Filin is an automatic system of round-the-clock all-weather guarding of object territories and their approaches by means of continuous thermal imaging and video surveillance.
Filin thermal imaging locator serves for building fixed hardware-software security complexes. The system includes Orwell 2k custom-made software with computer vision which enables round-the-clock all-weather target detection, tracking and classification (a human, a vehicle, etc.).


Perimeter and territory guarding radar system

Orwell-R perimeter and territory guarding radar system is designed for round-the-clock all-weather guarding of objects and their approaches by means of radar surveillance. Orwell-R radar system detects moving targets at a distance of 1600 meters for people and up to 3000 meters for vehicles in an arbitrary viewing sector.